Frequently asked questions


In order to webcam, you need a computer with one or even several webcams with or without sound, and a fast Internet connection (preferably without a data limit).

You certainly don't have to be a computer expert in order to use our platform. We try to keep it as simple as possible. Our performers and members have indicated that they find it very easy to use. Should you have any technical questions, simply contact our support team. This team of experienced female staff is always available to assist you in case of technical questions.

Our platform is suitable for all types of computers and webcams, but we recommend the following in order to meet our technical requirements:

Upload speed

To have a good stream quality so the visitors can have a clear view the upload speed is important. A minimum of 15Mbit/s is necessary. Test your speed here: Do you have less than 15Mbit/s? Please contact your internet provider.


A better webcam will improve your image quality a lot. Test your webcam here: The minimum resolution of your webcam needs to be 1.3 megapixels. Framerate needs to be a minimum of 25 FPS (frames per second). Lower than 25 FPS may cause a delay in your stream.


The following minimum requirement of your PC/laptop are needed:

  • year of construction is 2014 or later;
  • random access memory (“RAM”) of minimum 4 GB;
  • processor (“CPU”):Intel Core i3 dual-core, or better one.
  • internal storage (“HDD” of “SSD”) of minimum 250 GB;
  • graphical processor (“GPU”): Intel HD 400; or better one.

How much can I earn?

As approved performer on our platform, for every minute a visitor watches your cam show, you will get paid. Visitors can stay in contact through private messages even if you are not live broadcasting. For those received messages you will also get paid.

Group chat: €0.20 per visitor per minute
Note: When 10 visitors watch your show within a group chat, you can multiply this amount by factor 10

Private / VIP: 4 times the normal prize.
This means 4x €0.20 = €0.80 per minute.

Tips and cybertoy tips: Visitors can tip you during your cam session. For every 60 credits you will earn €0.20. If you have an interactive toy you can earn even more by getting tipped. Visitors have 3 options to tip you: 100 cr = €0,33, 500 cr = €1,60 and 1000 cr = €3,30. Besides that there is a free input field for the visitor, so he is able to give an even higher valued tip!

Private messages: Receive €0.20 for every received private message.

Commission: € 0,29 per minute
After approval of your account, we will create your own special profile link, which makes it possible to receive commission. You can promote our website and your own profile simply by placing links, for example on your social media accounts. If a new visitor registers to IsLive through your private link, you'll receive a bonus commission of € 0.29 for each generated minute during your cam session or during the cam session of another performer.

In your statistics you can check your revenue, so you know how much money you have made. Those statistics are displayed in real-time.
Regarding our payment policy, models that are based in the European Union will be paid 3 times a month, and models outside the European Union will be paid once a month on every 24th of the month.

Conditions to get paid 3 times a month:

a. You have a bank account in the European Union
b. You have earned at least 150 euro within a period.

The payout will be transferred on the first working day after a period. Did you earn less than 150 euros? Your earnings will be kept save in your statistics to the following period, and will be paid in the upcoming period if you do reach a minimum of €150.
Earning less than 10 euros within one month, won’t be transferred or kept at all.

1st periode = 1st to 10th of the month.
2nd period = 11st to 20th of the month.
3rd period = 21st to the end of the month.

Payments outside the European Union:
Once a month on the 24th of each month, as long as the minimum payout of €10 is reached. For example: Your income made in January will be transferred to your bank account on the 24th of February if the minimum payout of €10 is reached. Your income made in February will be transferred to your bank account on the 24th of March if the minimum payout of €10 is reached. If the minimum payout of €10 is not reached the invoice will be cancelled, what means the earnings won’t be transferred or saved.